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Denture Basics – What You Should Know about Replacing Missing Teeth

September 28, 2022
Posted By: Ellettsville Dental Center

Though your teeth are one body part you hope will last a lifetime, fewer than seven people in a hundred still have all their natural teeth when they turn 65. Instead, missing teeth are much more the norm, with a reported 30% of American adults aged 65-74 having precisely zero natural teeth.

These facts are why dentures are so essential to people as they age. After all, without teeth, you can’t enjoy the full range of foods that make up the foundations of health and longevity. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The team at Ellettsville Dental Center wants to help you discover the vital facts about dentures, the types, and how to keep your dentures clean.

The Types of Dentures in Bloomington, IN

Our dentists are denture specialists, offering three varieties for your unique needs: complete dentures, partial dentures, and the newly available implant-supported dentures. 

Complete dentures replace every tooth on the top or bottom of your mouth. These are custom-made for you from acrylic, adhering to your gums to stay in place and removable. If you’ve lost most of your teeth and your remaining teeth are unhealthy, then complete dentures can restore your smile with one appliance.

Partial dentures are appropriate if you’ve lost some teeth but also have some healthy natural teeth. This type features a tooth restoration attached to a metal framework that connects to your remaining teeth, which provides stability.

This tooth replacement option is removable for easier cleaning, and in addition to restoring your chewing function, they support your natural teeth by filling in the gap and preventing shifting.

The third type, implant-supported dentures, consists of a full or partial denture that connects to your mouth via several dental implant posts. This option is exceptionally stable because it attaches to your jawbone.

How Do I Clean My Dentures?

Just like natural teeth, food particles also build up on your dentures. To keep them clean, we recommend brushing them with a soft-bristled brush daily and periodically soaking them in a deep-cleaning solution.

Here are some other denture care tips:

  • Avoid abrasive materials and brushes which can scratch your denture
  • Boiling water can warp your denture
  • Always handle your denture over a folded towel to protect against dropping
  • Store your dentures in a glass or protective case when not in use
  • Visit your dentist periodically for adjustments to avoid gum irritation

Affordable Dentures in Bloomington, Indiana

Dentures in Bloomington, IN, resolve a few or a multitude of missing teeth with several options depending on your oral health condition. To learn more about how dentures can improve your life, contact us today to schedule your dentures appointment.

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