Restorative Dentistry in Bloomington, IN

family of four smiling l dentists in bloomington inWhether you’re struggling with chipped enamel, severe decay, or even a tooth that’s missing altogether, making it through every day with a smile that’s damaged can be difficult. Let our team at Ellettsville Dental Center in Bloomington, IN be your support during this trying time. Our variety of restorative services are designed to bring form, function, and beauty back to your hurting teeth and leave you smiling confidently again.

What Are Tooth-Colored Fillings in Bloomington, IN?

Silver-colored fillings are a thing of the past here at Ellettsville Dental Center. Instead, your dentist in Ellettsville promotes restorative treatment options that also provide valuable cosmetic benefits. That’s why we now place fillings made from a composite material that blends in naturally with your tooth color, resulting in a healthier feel and look that you can feel confident about.

Dental Implant Restorations in Bloomington, IN

When it comes to the art of tooth replacement, dental implants offer patients unparalleled oral health and cosmetic benefits. Here in Ellettsville, IN, we can personally handle the restoration process of your implant treatment by creating gorgeous, lifelike crowns that look and function so much like natural teeth that it will be difficult to tell the difference after we’re done!

Learn More About Traditional Orthodontics at Ellettsville Dental Center

You shouldn’t have to be stuck with a crooked or gapped smile. At Ellettsville Dental Center, we offer traditional orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages! With the help of braces or personalized appliances, our team can move your teeth into their ideal alignment, creating a uniform look. Clear options are available for adults who are seeking a less noticeable option. Plus, kids love personalizing their braces with the variety of colorful elastic bands we have to offer!

Discover Invisalign at Ellettsville Dental Center

Having a straight smile doesn’t only give your self-confidence a boost; it can also be beneficial to your oral health! Adult patients interested in a more sophisticated orthodontic option will be sure to find the solution they’ve been looking for in Invisalign. As the name suggests, this treatment consists of a set of customized, practically invisible aligners. The patient only needs to wear each one for a predetermined amount of time before switching to the next in the set, as well as attend brief checkups at our Ellettsville dental office so that we can confirm your progress. The process is virtually unnoticeable to those around you, and before you know it, you’ll have a much-improved smile to enjoy!

Root Canal Therapy in Bloomington, IN

While it may have a scary reputation, root canal therapy is actually a wildly effective and successful treatment option that can restore severely damaged or decayed teeth and save them from the threat of extraction. The procedure consists of one of our skilled doctors accessing the affected tooth’s inner chamber and thoroughly cleaning out diseased bacteria before sealing the area. A new, lifelike crown will then be placed in most cases to fully replenish the tooth’s structure. As long as they’re cared for properly, most teeth treated with root canal therapy go on to last for the rest of the patient’s life.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions Are Here At Ellettsville Dental Centerclose up of woman's bright smile l dentist 47404

Sadly, there are times when a tooth extraction becomes necessary for the sake of your comfort and oral health. This is most common in cases of wisdom teeth, which are the four permanent adult teeth that come in later in life at the back corners of the mouth. If there’s no room for these teeth to emerge, it can lead to serious pain, infection, and other serious issues. Here at Ellettsville Dental Center, our team will be sure to handle your wisdom tooth extraction with all the gentleness, understanding, and skill you deserve. We’ll also be sure to provide you with thorough post-operative instructions, as well as a prescription for pain medication if needed.

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