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Why Are Routine Dental Cleanings So Important?

August 28, 2021
Posted By: Ellettsvile Dental Center Team
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For some patients going to the dentist is a dreaded chore. Some patients dislike the dentist so much that nearly any excuse to avoid the routine appointment will do. Patients fear bad news, like a cavity, or expect the dentist to admonish them for not practicing their daily dental care routine as they should. But, going in blind is no way to ensure dental health success. The fact is that routine dental cleanings are a fundamental tool in your kit to help avoid many dental issues and increase the overall health of your mouth. 

What Do Routine Dental Cleanings Do?

Remember that even the best oral care routine cannot do everything for your mouth. You can combat plaque formation with good habits, but once the plaque forms on your tooth, there isn't much flossing, brushing, or oral rinses can do to remove it. Plaque is a by-product of bacteria formation. 

Over time plaque can build up, increasing the risks of other issues, like: 

In addition to the regular removal of plaque, a routine visit to the dentist can provide you with updates on your oral health. The dentist can review the effectiveness of your cleaning habits and help you make adjustments to your oral care for better results. If there are any larger issues with your dental health, your dentist can catch that too. From the early signs of cavities to regular screenings for oral cancer, routine dentist visits can identify issues before the patient is even aware of them. Identifying problems as early as possible allows dentists to help reduce the total impact of these issues. 

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The Ellettsville Dental Center membership plan provides the two annual dental cleanings recommended by the American Dental Association as part of its package. Contact us to see how we can help your keep your smile healthy.

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